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Title Robinhood & Shattalon
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Terms Location: Robinhood & Shattalon Drive Winston Salem, NC
Terms: Terms & Conditions


The Auction Company: The Swicegood Group, Inc Auctions-Real Estate NCFL 8790

Auctioneer represents the Seller; Seller Representation only NO dual agency offered.

A Seven Percent (7%) Internet Premium will be applied to the final high bid. The contract price will calculated by adding the high bid plus the premium.

Selling "Subject to Seller Confirmation". The high bid may be accepted, rejected or countered by Seller. If your bid is confirmed you agree to sign the purchase contract including the terms specified here within 24 hours of notice of acceptance.

Closing will occur within thirty-days of contract execution with a Twenty Percent (20%) non-refundable deposit due within 24 hours of contract execution.

Deposit will be held in trust by Seller's attorney.

Taxes: Buyer to pay a prorated share of taxes for the current year.

The Buyer will pay for all customary buyer side closing costs, including but not limited to, recording of the deed, title examination fees and title insurance cost, attorney fees, survey, etc.

Warranties: Property is being sold in “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition with no warranties and is subject to all the applicable Federal, State, and County laws, regulations, and ordinances. It is also subject to all plats, all current proposed or pending covenants, restrictions, zoning, government requirements, environmental issues, roadways, easements, and rights-of-way of record.

Conveyance: Property to be conveyed via General Warranty Deed.

Auction Ending: Online Auctions with The Swicegood Group, Inc. are timed events with a "Dynamic Soft Close" ending. This means all bidding will begin to close at a specified time with an auto-extend feature. Any bid placed in the final five (5) minutes of an auction will automatically extend the bidding for five (5) minutes from the time the bid was placed. For example, if an auction is scheduled to close at 6:00 and a bid is received at 5:56+, the close time will automatically extend for another 5-minute increment. The auto-extend feature will continue until there is a five (5) minute “quiet” period in which no new bids have been received; at this time the auction will close.

Property Information & Inspection: The Swicegood Group, Inc. is not responsible for any missing or incorrect listing information. The Swicegood Group, Inc. has attempted to provide accurate descriptions. However, it is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct any inspections to determine the condition and feasibility of the bidder’s intended use. Descriptions that are provided by The Swicegood Group, Inc. are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. It is automatically acknowledged by registering that you have either personally inspected the property, hired an agent to inspect the property or waive your right to inspect the property. By placing a bid, this creates a contractual agreement to purchase the property at the high bid price subject to seller confirmation and any additional fees that might apply towards the closing of the real estate.

Auction Company is not responsible for any technical difficulties, internet issues or anything of this nature that may occur and is beyond the scope of the auction company to control.

Bidding will be accepted by all properly registered persons or entities, including the auction company. The identity of all bidders will be verified via the credit card used for registration. Bidding rights are provisional, and if complete verification is not possible, The Swicegood Group, Inc. will reject the registration, and bidding activity will be terminated. The Seller and The Swicegood Group, Inc. reserve the right to refuse service to any person who we feel, in our estimation, is fraudulent.

Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential, as they are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. When using the web site you must obey any and all local state and federal laws. Violations will result in termination of web site use privileges.

In the event someone is bidding on behalf of a business entity or corporation, the individual submitting the bid enters into a guaranty agreement, guaranteeing the bids placed and to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the auction.

It is understood that this property is being "Sold As-Is, Where-Is" with no warranties or guarantees and final high bid received is subject to seller's approval.

Any legal action brought against this auction company will be held in accordance with the laws and under the jurisdiction of the courts of Davie County, NC.

If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions please call or email us.

The Swicegood Group Inc. Auctions-Real Estate NCFL 8790

Thank you
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